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This bot is scanning the most promising altcoins for the next golden opportunity with the motto ‘Ride the trend till it ends’. No fixed profit targets or stoplosses, this bot will only leave a trade when the trend has ended. When there are no opportunities, the bot stays in USDT, which makes it relatively safe compared to the BTC bots.

Basecoin: USDT

Backtest result 04-2019 until 04-2021: 786.2%

Fantastic Four

Focussed on the largest and most promising cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, Fantastic Four trades little, thereby keeping the transaction costs low, whille protecting your investments from large drawdowns. It will allocate around 25% of the portfolio in each coin, which limits your exposure and risk.

Basecoin: USDT

Backtest result 04-2019 until 04-2021 in USDT: …%

*Still in backtesting period

Portfolio bots

Game-changing portfolio bots that uses well known allocation methods that are widely used by hedge funds and portfolio managers. This will be the best way to get exposure to the crypto market.

Currently still in development, but expected to go live mid October.